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SUPeR Chem

In 1997, Dr. Deborah Exton introduced a new and innovative learning support program for students enrolled in general chemistry. Called SUPeR (Success Utilizing Peer Resources) Chemistry, the program uses undergraduate peer learning assistants (PLAs) – supervised by departmental faculty members – who offer review sessions to fellow students. Since this time, this program has expanded to include all organic chemistry courses as well.

In the first year, nearly 30 percent of all students enrolled in general chemistry took advantage of the sessions; in the second year the participation increased even further with more than 42 percent of the general chemistry students benefiting from the instruction and counsel of their peers. SUPeR Chem sessions are free of charge.

Superchem Schedules are posted on the Canvas course sites for all general chemistry and organic chemistry courses, and at at

SUPeR Chem support is available for students during the academic year – fall, winter and spring terms.