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Materials Chemistry

Materials chemistry is a relatively new discipline centered on the rational synthesis of novel functional materials using a large array of existing and new synthetic methods. The focus is on designing materials with specific useful properties, synthesizing these materials and understanding how the composition and structure of the new materials influence or determine their physical properties in order to optimize the desired properties. Many research groups within the chemistry department are involved with a broad range of materials synthesis and characterization. Topics of active research include:

Polymer Chemistry (BrozekGuenza, Hutchison, Lonergan, Marcus, Tyler)
Nanostructured Materials (GuenzaHutchison, D.W. Johnson, Lonergan, Nazin, Page, PrellWong)
Thin Film Multilayers (D.C. Johnson, Page)
Interfaces and Surfaces (BoettcherBrozekCook, GuenzaHendonHutchisonD.C. Johnson, LonerganNazin, PagePrellRichmond)
Crystallization of Metastable Phases and Tectons for Materials (Doxsee, D.C. Johnson, D.W. Johnson)
Solid State Materials with Thermoelectric, Superconducting or Magnetic Properties (BrozekD.C. Johnson, Page)
Optical and Electronic Materials (BrozekHaley, Lonergan, Nazin, PageWong

There is a high level of interaction and collaboration between these groups and with other scientists in the multidisciplinary Materials Science Institute. Excellent facilities are available for this research, including equipment for synthesis and purification (furnaces, glove boxes, gel-phase and HPLC chromatography), structural characterization (solution-phase and solid-state NMR, UV-Vis and IR spectrometers and powder, thin film and single crystal X-ray diffractometers), compositional characterization (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy), thermal analysis (TGA, DSC, DTA), thin film analysis (ellipsometry, contact angle goniometer, TOF-SIMS), microscopy/visualization (SEM, TEM, AFM), and property characterization (magnetic susceptibility, electron paramagnetic resonance, and equipment for measurement of electronic and thermal conductivity).

Shannon W. Boettcher
Carl Brozek
Amanda Cook
Kenneth M.Doxsee
Marina G. Guenza
Michael M. Haley
Christopher H. Hendon
James Hutchison
Ramesh Jasti
Darren W. Johnson
David C. Johnson
Mark C. Lonergan
Andrew H. Marcus
George Nazin
Catherine J. Page
James S. Prell
Geraldine L. Richmond
David R. Tyler
Cathy Wong