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Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology, broadly defined, are fields in which organic synthetic chemistry plays a significant role in the life sciences. These disciplines include topics such as small molecule sensing and molecular recognition, nucleic acid chemistry and biochemistry, bio-inspired catalysis, structure-function studies of therapeutics, and bioconjugates. Students focused on this area at Oregon develop a solid foundation in synthetic chemistry and also benefit from the outstanding biochemistry/molecular biology research environment at UO.

Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology research at Oregon includes work on rational synthesis of anion receptors aimed at detecting ion fluxes in biological contexts (Haley, Johnson); new approaches for RNA structure/function analysis (DeRose); novel bifunctional Pt compounds for biological target analysis (DeRose, Haley); and development of new methods for detection and delivery of biological hydrogen sulfide (Pluth); and ion chelators with a focus on calcium binding (Doxsee).

Victoria J. DeRose
Kenneth M. Doxsee*
Michael M. Haley
Darren W. Johnson
Michael D. Pluth

*Professor Doxsee is not currently accepting graduate students given his ongoing work as Vice Provost for Academic Affairs