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Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Some of the most active areas of research at the University of Oregon are in the fields of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Research in these areas has been fostered by long-standing collaboration among chemists, biologists and physicists. The common theme in this research is developing an understanding of complex biological and biochemical problems at the molecular level.

The interdisciplinary nature of the research has resulted in labs collaborating on combining traditional biochemistry, modern genetic techniques, together with sophisticated physical chemical approaches (x-ray crystallography, atomic force microscopy, etc.) as well as synthetic organic chemistry, to solve important but complex problems in the life sciences. Faculty in these areas have very close associations with the Institute of Molecular Biology and the Institute of Neuroscience.

Alice Barkan (biology)
Bruce A. Bowerman (biology)
Victoria J. DeRose
Chris Doe (biology)
Karen Guillemin (biology)
Scott Hansen
Mike Harms
Diane Hawley
Tory Herman (biology)
Eric Johnson (biology)
John F.W. Keana (emeritus)*
Diana Libuda (biology)
Andrew H. Marcus
Jeff McKnight
Brad J. Nolen
Annie Powell (biology)
Kenneth E. Prehoda
James Prell
S. James Remington (physics)
Eric U. Selker (biology)
George F. Sprague (biology)
Tom Stevens
Peter H. von Hippel (emeritus, research active)*
Philip Washbourne (biology)

*Professor von Hippel continue to be research active and welcome postdoctoral applications, as well as applications from undergraduates interested in research.

*Professor Keana has retired from research and teaching activities but continues to serve as a medicinal chemistry/organic chemistry consultant for several small biopharmaceutical companies and several patent law firms.