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Prospective Students

 Applying to the UO

Visiting the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Prospective students are encouraged call the department to plan an individual visit to the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department when they visit the UO campus. Students may request an informational meeting, a tour of the department, and/or an opportunity to sit in on a chemistry class.  We look forward to meeting you!

Undergraduate Program

Dr. Julie Haack
Departmental Contact for Prospective Undergraduate Students

The departmental contact for prospective undergraduate students is our Assistant Department Head and faculty Advisor, Dr. Julie Haack. Prospective students are welcome to contact Dr. Haack with any questions they may have about the UO Undergraduate Chemistry and Biochemistry programs.

To schedule an appointment or to arrange a department visit and tour, please contact Dr. Haack via email.

Phone: (541) 346-4604


Graduate Program

Photo: Christi Mabinuori

Christi Mabinuori
Departmental Contact for Prospective Graduate Students

The departmental contact for prospective graduate students is our Graduate Program Manager, Christi Mabinuori. Students interested in pursuing a a graduate degree in chemistry should contact Christi with any questions or to arrange a visit.


Phone: (541) 346-4789