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CH 405, CH 605 Reading – Fellowship Application Skills

This course focuses on working with graduate students to prepare applications to external fellowships such as the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program. The class is structured to provide extensive peer and faculty feedback  on proposals and personal statements and culminates typically with the submission of a complete NSF graduate fellowship application.  During the course, students participate in 2-3 weekend workshops to become familiar with the requirements of the GRFP application, outline traits of successful NSF GRFP applications, provide examples of successful and unsuccessful applications along with reviewer comments, and provide revision and editing feedback.  Students will also learn about effective methods for addressing the broader impacts criteria of the GRFP application.

CH 608 Workshop Research Ethics

This course explores topics related to the responsible conduct of research (RCR). Topics include: data acquisition, management, and ownership; mentoring and collaboration; academic/industry collaboration; authorship; publication and peer review; misconduct in research; intellectual property; and conflict of interest/commitment.

CH 610 Proposal Journal Club

This journal club aids students in preparing for the proposal component of their Advancement exam. Presentations and activities include discussing elements related to the significance and impact of a research topic, time management and writing techniques for proposals, writing a compelling research overview, and developing, presenting and critiquing independent proposals.

BI 610 Ethics in Life Sciences Research 

This course explores topics related to the responsible conduct of research (RCR).  Topics include: ethical issues in life sciences research and the research enterprise; research integrity; grant proposals, management, peer review, conflict of interest; collaborative research; responsible authorship; publication, peer review, intellectual property, copyright; responsible research design and data interpretation; experimental bias; statistics; healthy research environment and responsible mentoring; research culture; human & animal subjects: experimentation; animal care and use; and environmental health and safety.

CH 623 OIM Journal Club 

This journal club focuses on “How to Give a Scientific Talk.” Students give several practice talks to the class and receive constructive criticism from their peers on how to improve.  In addition, they practice their rotation talks.  The class includes instruction in advanced bibliographic software, database searching, and information retrieval.

CH 624 Physical Chemistry Journal Club 

This journal club focuses on the critical review of scientific articles, and establishes the practice of keeping up with current literature. A recent publication is analyzed each week, comprising a critical review of the science, as well as a dissection of the construction of the authors’ argument. Methods for keeping up with current literature and strategies for performing literature searches are discussed.