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Graduate students at a computerResearch at the University of Oregon is designed to keep student researchers at the forefront of chemical science. Our programs in the traditional areas of biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry lay the foundation for new discoveries in materials science, molecular biology, optics, and theoretical chemistry. Though our department is medium in size, we are a leading innovator in chemistry.

A unique strength of our program is its interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching. Chemical scientists may be interested in the Institute of Molecular Biology, the Institute of Theoretical Science, the Materials Science Institute, the Oregon Center for Optics, and the programs in cell biology and in molecular synthesis, structure, and dynamics.


The graduate program in chemistry focuses on the Ph.D. degree.

Master’s Degree and Special Programs – in addition to our core Ph.D. program,  we offer internship programs through the Materials Science Institute, and traditional master’s degrees without financial support.